Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rain barrels, radishes and ... tropical birds?

Madison Square Garden has its new rain barrel!

The 2nd Annual Rain Barrel Auction in early May benefits the IUSB Center for a Sustainable Future and the art museum in South Bend, along with the local artists who design and paint the rain barrels.

This year, five barrels were donated to Unity Gardens and our neighborhood was fortunate to get one.

Area school children designed these barrels, some of which were on display at the County-City Building before moving to their homes around town.

Big thanks to neighbor Dave Wright on Madison Street, who agreed to install the barrel right next to the garden. So look for a few brightly colored fish swimming along near the cucumber and potato patches.

Collard greens, mustard greens and radishes are being harvested in the garden. The peas are in flower but not ready yet, and strawberries are just behind them. Corn is just now poking up too, along with beans and okra. I'll get a complete list of what's growing and when up on the site as soon as I have the chance to write one.

Special thanks to Lisa, who brought marigolds on Mother's Day to brighten up the garden, and of course to all the new neighbors we've met lately. Thanks Gavin and Pam for supporting the annual Unity plant sale!

By the way, Jacob the missing macaw did find his way safely home. But it was kind of fun having the escaped tropical bird visit Madison Street, and talking with all of you as we watched him in Maxine's tree.

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